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Speedex: A Scalable, Parallelizable, and Economically Efficient Distributed EXchange

Speedex is an experimental DEX designed for both future-proof scalability and equity of access. Speedex runs fully on-chain; the computational work to operate Speedex is (almost) entirely parallelizable, which means Speedex’s transaction rate is limited only by the number of CPU cores on which it runs. Speedex processes trades in (unordered) batches for economic benefits of independent interest, including the elimination of some kinds of front-running and arbitrage, and increased liquidity between non-reserve currencies (eliminating the need for path payments).

Check out the open source documentation on SPEEDEX:

Standalone SPEEDEX Implementation
SPEEDEX Integrated with Stellar
The mathematics behind SPEEDEX [Ramseyer, Goel, and Mazières]
The description and evaluation of the standalone SPEEDEX implementation [Ramseyer, Goel, and Mazières]

Geoffrey Ramseyer
Grad Student Researcher, Stellar Development Foundation